Wigan Breast Enlargement

Breast Enlargement – Also known as Breast Augmentation/Boob Job

  1. Background information
  2. Before and After Pictures of My Patients
  3. Patient Pathway – What to expect!
  4. Implant used
  5. Complications
  6. Prices

To see pre and postoperative photographs on patients that I have operated on in the past (photographs shown with patient consent) please follow the link to realself.com. more pre and post operative photographs can be seen at consultation.


1. Background Information

Breast enlargement procedure has become very popular over the last five years and is now the most commonly preformed cosmetic surgical procedure in the Uk.

Breast Augmentation is performed for two main reasons and I’ve observed two specific groups of patients who have attended my clinics requesting help to improve the appearance of the breast area. Either a patient has a small breast size to start with or the patient sees me after having children and the patient has noticed a deflation of the breast volume.

The reason for the procedure becoming more popular over the last five years is the improvement in breast implants that are available and this combined with continually improving knowledge and refinement of surgical technique now allow for good aesthetically pleasing results with low complication rates. Aesthetic results following breast augmentation are also now very natural looking and the tell tale signs of obviously fake breasts have been significantly reduced. My patients are often surprised by how natural the breast look and feel after surgery.

2. Patient Pathway for Breast Augmentation – What to expect!

Patients contact my secretary/ PA and arrange for a consultation at a clinic in one of the private hospital in which I attend such as the BMI Highfield Hospital in Rochdale or The Wilmslow Hospital in Cheshire and between the two hospitals I see patients for breast augmentation from the Manchester, Cheshire, Liverpool and Blackpool areas. I also see breast augmentation patients at the BMI Huddersfield Hospital and from here I am able to offer services to Halifax, Huddersfield and the Yorkshire area.

In the consultation I take a thorough history from the patient to include details of how the condition affects the patient, patients expectations, pregnancy and breast-feeding history and any family history of breast disease/cancer.

I also ask about which medications taken regularly including whether the oral contraceptive pill is taken and whether the pill is oestrogen based or not.

I inquire about whether the individual smokes and if so how much.

Knowledge of patient’s employment is also useful particularly if there is any heavy manual work involved. Examination is then performed and this involves taking measurements of the breast dimensions, as this is a very useful guide as to which size, shape and type of breast implant is best suited to a particular individual. I will then discuss with the patients as to which type of implant is best suited for that individual and how best to place the implant. I will then suggest an implant size range best suited for the patient. We then look through a range of pre and post pictures of my previous patients who have consented to have their photographs shown and from this I can give you a feel of how the result with look, highlighting benefits for the individual as well as limitations.

I will then discuss post op recovery expected as well as complications that one should be aware of. Finally, I will then suggest trying different implants in the clinic to give a guide to how the breast will look following surgery based on the implant sizes I have suggested.

I then recommend my patients reflect on what has been discussed and should they want to proceed to breast augmentation I then suggest a short second consultation to address any questions and also to help consolidate the information from the first consultation.

If you would like to proceed then a date for surgery is booked, pre operative photographs are taken and a pre operative assessment is arranged to look for any issues that may cause a problem with the anaesthetic. The surgery is performed under a general anaesthetic (patient is asleep) and the procedure takes approximately 90 minutes. A majority of the procedures are performed as a day case and usually without drains. Occasionally patients are required to stay overnight.

I organise to see you a week to ten days later for your first post op check, you ensure the wound is healing and there are no concerns. I am always happy to see you sooner should you have any concerns.

I will then organise to see you again at six to eight weeks following surgery to ensure the shape of the breasts have developed adequately. In the first six weeks you should expect the implants to appear high on the chest and also smaller than expected as your skin will be pushing the implant flat and it is only once the skin has stretched that the final result has been achieved.

3. Implant used

I use Allergan Natrelle Implant due to their excellent safety profile and the good results I have attained with these implants.

4. Complications

Complications thankfully are rare following breast enlargement.

You should expect a scar underneath the breast following the procedure. This scar is permanent but is usually very faint.

You expect some degree of nipple sensation change, which is also permanent.

The shape of the breast will not change but become larger following surgery so asymmetry seen prior to the operation will still be seen after the procedure.

Rare complications include infection (occasionally requiring one of the implants to be removed, left to rest for 8 weeks and then replaced), bleeding (occasionally requiring a return to theatre), ongoing pain, fluid collections (termed seroma), and implant rupture, capsular contracture. Complications of the anaesthetic include clots in the leg (DVT) and clots in the lung (PE).

Rippling of implants develops in all implants over time and as such exchange of implant is performed 8 to 15 years after the first procedure.

5. Prices

Prices include initial consultation and two postoperative reviews

Breast Enlargement – £ 3800

Breast Enlargement + Lift – £ 6999

Breast Lift – £ 4300

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