the process of carpal tunnel surgery in Wigan

What you need to know about carpal tunnel surgery in Wigan

With a professional surgeon there’s nothing to be scared of

Carpal tunnel syndrome isn’t something that is rare, there are many people who suffer with it, some who may not even know about it. Surgery is an option for relieving symptoms of the syndrome, the main symptoms for carpal tunnel is numbness, tingling and a pain in your hands. Carpal tunnel surgery in Wigan is one of the main hand surgeries we provide in our clinic, we have helped many people in the past and are helping people every day to relieve the pain they are in.

Wigan surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome is only viable for those with severe cases, people who are still within the early days or only have a mild pain won’t need surgery unless they have it for a long period of time, this is when surgery could become an option.

With being a professional surgeon for hand surgery in Wigan I have treated many people for all types of problems related to their hands, wrists and fingers so you don’t need to worry, you’ll be in safe hands of an experienced expert.

Carpal tunnel surgery in Wigan; The procedure

The whole procedure of carpal tunnel surgery isn’t a big one at all, you won’t have to stay overnight, you won’t even have to be knocked out.

Your surgeon will inject you with a local anaesthetic so that you can’t feel anything in the affected area, once the anaesthetic has took it’s toll this is when the operation can begin. The surgeon will make a 3 – 4 cm incision near the base of your palm (this is where the affected area is). Once it has been fully cut the carpal ligament is then divided to then relieve pressure on the median nerve in your hand and that’s that.

Yes that’s really how easy the procedure is, the whole process will last around 20 minutes and you’ll be stitched up and on your way. Some surgeons will use normal stitches and others may use dissolvable stitches, it doesn’t matter which ones are used because the open wound will still heal exactly the same.

Wigan surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome; The recovery process

Seen as the operation wasn’t too much of a big one it won’t take too long to fully recover, but don’t think because it won’t take long you should get back to your normal day to day life, you’ve still got to be cautious not to knock the wound or even get it infected.

There will be pain after the anaesthetic has wore off so it’s advisable to have pain relief at the ready so you’re not suffering too much. In some cases your arm may be put in a sling just to ensure you aren’t using your hand straight after the operation.

Take it from the professional surgeon for hand surgery in Wigan, you’re still going to need to keep some movement going on in your hands so wriggle your fingers throughout the recovery process, this is to ensure the blood keeps flowing around your hand. You will get given set advice on how to care for the wound while your hand is recovering so make sure you follow these instructions!

I have known many patients for carpal tunnel surgery in Wigan to be uncomfortable for a couple of days so this is something you’re going to have to bare with, but think of it this way, a few uncomfortable days is better than a lifetime of pain like how you were suffering before the procedure.

Finally, depending on what stitches you have depends on how they are removed. If you have normal stitches then it’s usually about 10 – 14 days before you go back and see your surgeon for them to be removed, however with dissolvable stitches you won’t need to go back to have them removed as the stitches will close up the wound and dissolve in around 2 – 3 weeks.

No more carpal tunnel aches and pains

Now you know how easy the procedure of carpal tunnel surgery in Wigan is what’s to be worried about? The recovery process is simple and straightforward too, it will even get you out of doing things for a little while!
For more information on our Wigan surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome get in touch with the clinic today.

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