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Amazing New Look in Burnley

You don’t need to sit around hesitating whether plastic or cosmetic surgery is for you. If you’re in Burnley and want to achieve your dream look then come see me in my Burnley clinic.

I am one of the North West’s best and most professional plastic surgeons and this is partially down to having more than 14 years experience. I have a high quality reputation for delivering the best results for plastic surgery in Burnley and this is only something I aim to continue and exceed.

To me, it’s all about the results and making sure my patients are happy from start to finish no matter what procedure it is. In my many years of plastic surgery I have provided many people with their dream look and it is something I intend to continue doing for as long as possible.

There are many procedures available within the Burnley clinic such as the following:

  • Blepharoplasty (regions surrounding the eyes)
  • Breast augmentation
  • Dupuytren’s disease
  • Facelift procedures
  • Nerve conditions
  • Otoplasty
  • Tummy tuck

Looking Good Made Simple

Plastic Surgeon Sohail AkhtarI know how it is, you wear clothes which won’t show off your figure, you run past the mirror so you don’t get a glimpse of yourself and overall you’re not confident with your look. Well it’s time for that to change, plastic surgery in Burnley or cosmetic surgery in Burnley will give you that boost in confidence you’ve always needed.

With some cosmetic procedures you’ll notice the results instantly and you’ll feel better than ever before, you can go out and show off your new look and stand in the mirror for a good few minutes admiring yourself.

I can guarantee you the best results making sure you are 100% satisfied on the completion of your surgical procedure. I am GMC registered so with me you will be in the safest and most professional hands for any and all surgical procedures in Burnley.

Ensuring all my patients are happy is one of my main objectives, I will be there to help you along the way so if you want to know any more information about me, my clinics or plastic surgery in Burnley then please contact me today and we can start your journey to the new, confident you.