Breast Lift Surgery

Discussing Breast Lift Surgery In Manchester

As women get older their breasts will start to sag, especially after having children so this is why it is important to know the benefits of having breast lift surgery in Manchester.

Breast lift surgery is also known as mastopexy as this is the official name for this procedure. For those who are reading this and are not quite sure what breast lift surgery is let me explain.


The Procedure

Breast lift surgery is a surgical procedure to raise sagging breasts upon the chest of a woman. A surgeon who carries out this surgical procedure will correct and modify the size of the breasts to make sure that the breasts are positioned properly on the chest of the woman, to ensure that the breast lift re-establish an aesthetically proportional bust for the woman undergoing the surgery the main focus is revolved around the tissue viability of the nipple-areola complex, this is so that the sensitivity of the breasts are not affected and for future breast feeding. Throughout the surgical procedure any excess skin, tissue and overstretched ligaments will be removed, this is how the breast can then be lifted and look proportionally placed on the woman’s chest.


The Results & Benefits

After undergoing this procedure of breast lift surgery in Manchester many women have been known to be very pleased and happy with the results. You will have what you feel like are new breasts which are firm and natural however you may feel that your breasts are larger after the surgery when actually they are not, they haven’t grown or been enlarged during the surgery.

The reason why you may feel that your breasts are larger is because now they have been lifted, they are higher and firmer on your chest which will cause them to look larger, this can give some women great confidence and self-esteem as they will be proud of their assets, the fact they have firm looking breasts, no longer sagging down.

Some women do let sagging breasts affect them a lot and by having this procedure you will feel better within yourself, no you won’t be a new person but you may feel better than ever. Your confidence will increase and you will be more open to wearing lower cut tops and dresses knowing you have the breasts you want and can be proud of, rather than letting them sag and hiding them.


Give It A Go

If you are at an age now where you find your breasts are beginning to sag or have already dropped then give breast lift surgery in Manchester a chance, you will be completely satisfied with the results and you will be in safe hands when you are in a clinic with me, so go on contact me now at our Manchester clinic to start your process of breast lift surgery, you won’t regret it!

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