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Fix your fracture with hand fracture fixation procedures in Manchester

Accidents happen, bones break

In the human body there are 206 bones and believe it or not there are 27 bones in your hand. Our bones are strong but accidents can happen which can cause bones to break, luckily enough the bones will repair by themselves by sometimes with some fractures that occur you may need to go through with hand fracture fixation procedures in Manchester.

Hand fracture fixation is a procedure performed by hand fracture fixation professionals like myself to repair any broken bones in the hand. Depending on how severe the break is depends on the recovery process. Like I said, some bones can repair by themselves by simply being in a cast for around 6 weeks but with others this isn’t the case and this is when an operation will have to be performed to fix the fracture properly in the hand.


What will happen if I need hand fracture fixation procedures in Manchester?

In our Manchester clinic hand surgery is one of our specialisms, there are many different types of hand procedures with hand fracture fixation being one of them. This procedure is straightforward for hand fracture fixation professionals as it is quite a common procedure. There are many people who break the bones in their hands and need this treatment to restore the bone structure in their hand for a proper, full recovery.

If you are the person who is unfortunate to need hand fracture fixation procedures in Manchester then not to worry, with many years experience you are in reliable hands so you can have the peace of mind that you’re with the best for the job.

So, I can guarantee you are wondering what things to expect during this procedure or how it will be carried out to fix your fracture, well here we go.

The reason you will need this procedure with certain hand fractures is because the bone will need setting. Once the bone fragments are set they are then held together with either plates, pins or screws. In some cases the bone needs to be set more precisely to restore the joint surface as smooth as possible but this is only if the fracture is actually disrupting the joint surface.

In other cases if the bone is too badly crushed chances are it won’t be able to be repaired at all and this is when a bone graft might be necessary, a bone graft is when a bone is taken from another part of the body so that it can help and provide more stability in your hand. If ever bone graft substitutes can be used then they will so that this way another bone from part of the body won’t have to be removed and used.

Another pointer I can give you as a hand fracture fixation professional is that some fractures that have been set may have to be held in place by something called an ‘external fixator’. A external fixator is a set of metal bars outside the body which is attached to the pins on the bones, they are situated above and below the fracture site, this keeps the bone supported and in place until it is fully healed.


Sohail Akhtar is one of Manchesters hand fracture fixation professionals

I know that breaking a bone isn’t one of the best experiences and not something you would want to happen but like I have said, accidents happen and sometimes these accidents include your hand breaking so if this does ever happen and you need help you know that I am here to carry out the best hand fracture fixation procedures in Manchester.

As one of the hand fracture fixation professionals in my industry I can assure you that procedures will be painless and recovery will be as speedy as possible, our main aim is to look out for you and give you quality results and that is what we will do with all our procedures whether it is for fractures, plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery.

Trust in Sohail Akhtar for all procedures and get in touch now.


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