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Arthritis is a disease that affects many people but it usually affects people later in life as they are getting older. This disease causes inflammation and stiffness to the joints, it can be very painful and that is why in some cases the best option is hand surgery for arthritis in Wigan.

By offering a surgery it can help relieve patients a lot of pain and help them live a normal life by being able to use their joints properly. It’s not just the hands that are affected by the disease, arthritis can affect any joint in the body, the most common areas are the hands/wrists, knees and hips.

I am a Wigan expert for hand surgery, it is a procedure I have been carrying out for a number of years for all different reasons. There are several types of hand surgery procedures for the likes of ganglion’s, fracture fixation and tendon repair.

What are the different types of hand surgery for arthritis in Wigan?

When it comes to Wigan hand surgery to help arthritis there are 2 different types of procedures that can be carried out. The procedure you receive will depend on the severity of your arthritis and what is best for you as an individual.

The first form of hand surgery for arthritis in Wigan which can be performed is a fusion procedure also medically known as arthrodesis. In this procedure the bones of the joint are fused together, this way it is made a lot stronger, more stable and most importantly pain free. However with this procedure, due to the joints being fused together there will be little flexibility or movement.

A replacement procedure is the second form of surgery for arthritis which is medically referred to as arthroplasty. Within this procedure the affected/damaged joint is removed and replaced with an artificial implant. All pain will be relieved as there won’t be anything there to cause any more pain and the shape of your hand will be restored through the new implant. With this type of procedure there will still be some function in the hand so you will still be able to use it and move it.

Do you need the help of a Wigan expert for hand surgery?

Don’t suffer any longer with arthritis in your hand, there is a solution and that solution is hand surgery for arthritis in Wigan. You’ll be left pain free and able to carry on better than you could before.
Hand surgery is something I am a specialist in so you’ll be in the safest hands from start to end. For more information or booking an appointment with me contact us today.

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