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At our Cheshire cosmetics surgery, we obviously work with women from all over the country in order to get them looking just how they want to by the use of cosmetic surgery.

However, as responsible practitioners of cosmetic surgery in Cheshire, we also think it is massively important to pass on the fundamentals that will keep our cosmetic surgery looking stunning, and we can’t stress the importance of a good skincare regime enough.

With autumn here, it’s time to look after your cosmetically enhanced beauty by preparing for winter properly.

Just coming out summer, Autumn can often be a cold season, so when looking after your skin, it’s important to take the chill factor into consideration. During these periods of colder weather your skin is more prone to dryness due to wind, low temperatures, but also the low moisture levels in the air that having the central heating on brings.


The vital to-do list from the Chester surgery

Step One: Cleanse and tone your skin twice a day

It is so important that women cleanse and tone their skin twice a day as well as this is what gets all of the makeup and dirt out of the skins pores, making for a thorough clean.

Go for a cleanser that will clear the nasties from your skin and a damp muslin cloth with work wonders in removing residue effectively.


Step Two: You’re never too young for night cream

For a long time it has been assumed that night cream is something only more mature women would use, however this is a key part of any woman’s skincare regime, no matter what age they are.

Night cream is essential in helping aid the renewal of the skin as when the body sleeps of a night, the skin replenishes itself.

A good quality night cream will ensure your skin is in the best condition it can be and will keep your surgery from your Cheshire cosmetics clinic looking absolutely flawless.


Step Three: Exfoliate twice a week

A good exfoliator used twice a week will remove dead skin cells as well as aid in the absorption of moisturiser, a must when the skin is more likely to be dried out.

Choose an exfoliator that works with your skin type and apply in gentle, circular motions for the best result.


Step Four: Go for a good day cream

Applying a good day cream to your skin will give it a suit of armour to face the world with. Day cream moisturises, protects and keeps your skin hydrated.

For an extra bit of protection opt for an SPF combined with your cream. Just because the sun isn’t cracking the flags doesn’t mean that its rays can’t harm the skin and a good SPF cream will add that look after your skin that little bit more.

Think of it as a hug for your skin that stops you ageing because of the sun’s harmful rays. If you’ve been to our Chester surgery then the chances are you’ve come up against rain rather than sun, but just because it’s not hot, doesn’t mean that the rays aren’t there.


Step 5: Water, water, water!

Quite possibly the cheapest and simplest part of a skin regime is drinking plenty of water. Water will stop your skin drying out, something which is essential in harsh, cold weather.

Drink the recommended daily amount of 1.2 litres to keep your skin cells hydrated from the inside out – this is one of the best steps that will make sure you always fresh and gorgeous skin.

Do you have more hints and tips to keep your cosmetic surgery looking gorge? Head on over to our Twitter and tell us all about them!

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