Manchester Breast Enlargement: Choosing the Right Sized Implants

Manchester breast enlargement: choosing the right sized implants

Breast implants are like natural boobs, whereby they come in all shapes and sizes. This is very much the case for those looking for breast implants in Manchester.

However, it’s not all about the size – other factors come into play, and it’s quite easy to find yourself overwhelmed with the choices that are available.

In order to put our patient’s minds at rest, we tell them the same thing: enhance, don’t go overboard; breast enlargement is about creating a natural looking breast that you didn’t quite get blessed with from the beginning.

Keep it simple and don’t be scared to talk to your surgeon about your options – they’re the experts!


Breast implants Manchester

When looking for breast implants in Manchester, having a good idea of what you want is always an efficient plan of action, and we aim to keep this process fun for you! It’s not something that should be too difficult to decide, it’s something that should be enjoyable, and allow you to get excited for, and look forward to your brand new boobs.


Choosing the right implant

There are two to take into consideration when you are choosing your implant.

They are:

· You

First things first, you are the main priority. Getting your breast implant surgery in Manchester is all about one thing: you.

Get to know your body better than you ever have before and decide how you want to look after the surgery – what is your idea of your own, personal perfect? Look at your body shape and decide what you think would look best on it. Think about if you have a small, petite frame, or a larger frame.

The goal here is not to get people thinking “she’s got fake boobs”, but to get people thinking “she’s got good boobs”.

Other factors such as lifestyle practicalities should be factored in – if you go too big will your boobs get in the way of your day to day routine? For example, if you do an active job such as a personal trainer, then going for boobs like Pamela Anderson means that they may get in your way.

They are your implants, so they must be to your taste.


· Current cup size, desired cup size

Most ladies come in with a picture of a celebrity with the cup size that they want. This is a brilliant start as it shows us straight away with great visualisation exactly what you want from your boobs.

By showing us what you want your boobs to look like, in comparison to the current boobs that you have, we can move forward with a better plan of action, making your cosmetic surgery in Manchester much more straightforward.

This is the best way to start as cup sizes differ from manufacturer to manufacturer; your 34DD chest in a Marks and Spencer’s bra may not be the 34DD chest in reality – your finished cup size will be a different size in different shops, so only telling us what size you want to be isn’t the best way for us to achieve your look.

We will also get you to try on your breast implants before we insert them –taking them out of your bra if you don’t like them is much easier than taking them out of your body!


Selecting your implant

Once we understand exactly what you want from your augmentation surgery, we will then offer you the best implants to suit you.

Our surgeons will show you the best variety based on the volume of the implant, the diameter of the implant and the outward projection of the implant.

The reason for the choice is because when many women see their implants and try them on, they then decide that they want their boobs to have a larger diameter than outward projection, or vice versa.

By going through the choices, patients can leave the clinic feeling like they haven’t been railroaded into a decision, and have a good idea of what their boobs will look like.

We combine our expertise as breast implant specialists in Manchester, with what you want from your look in order to deliver a result that will leave you beaming with confidence.

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