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Botulinum toxin injections, also better known as ‘Botox’ is something that is very common and is still growing with the amount of people who are getting these injections.

If you are not quite sure what botulinum toxin injections are or what they are used for then here is an explanation for you; Botox is a drug that is prepared from botulinum, hence where the name comes from, it is used medically to treat muscular conditions and a main use is for cosmetically removing wrinkles and this is done by the injection temporarily paralysing the facial muscles.

Botulinum toxin injections in Manchester is a cosmetic procedure and is mainly used for cosmetic reasons as people want to enhance their looks and help themselves ageing, with having less wrinkles your age won’t be showing fully and you will have a younger look.


What botox can do for you

A lot of people may have negative thoughts and opinions on botox but it is not only an injection that is used cosmetically for enhancing a person’s looks there are actually some medical problems that can be prevented/helped when getting botulinum toxin injections in Manchester.  

A first way in which that these types of injections can help for medical reasons are for the treatment of migraines. It has not been yet known or found as to how or why botox can help migraines but medical experts have said that it does help and they think it is down to the fact that as the injection freezes the nerves that it possibly blocks the sensory nerves that protect the pain messages to the brain; this way a migraine can not develop. Also it is thought that the muscles are being relaxed which is making them less sensitive to an outburst of pain.

Makes sense right?

Another medical issue that these injections can help with is hyperhidrosis which is a condition which causes excessive sweating within certain areas of the body. Usually, this is treated by a prescription antiperspirants. However with botox injections this seems to balance the problem, which helps towards relieving the condition for several months at a time.

So it just goes to show that even if botulinum toxin injections are most commonly used for cosmetic reasons to help with wrinkles that they are still very useful for help towards certain medical issues people may suffer with.


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Whether it is for enhancing your look or to help with migraines or excessive sweat, we don’t mind, all we do know is that we are here to help and help is what we will give. By getting botulinum toxin injections in Manchester you are leading yourself to a happier, less self conscious lifestyle, forget what other people say, do what makes you happy.


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