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Ways of preparing for breast augmentation

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Breast augmentation surgery can fall into 3 different categories and these are breast enlargement, breast reduction and breast lift. In some cases women will want breast enlargement and lifting within the one procedure in order to have the perfect chest but before any type of surgery there are certain ways of preparing for breast augmentation.


Within this post I am going to discuss how to prepare for breast augmentation surgery both on a medical side of things and general side. This way you’ll know exactly what needs to be done before your surgery is performed, you can be one step ahead of the game and not have to worry about what might be.


I am an experienced plastic surgeon and performing breast augmentation surgery is not something I am shy or short of. Breast augmentation procedures in Cheshire and all our other locations are one of thee most popular procedures women come in for, some for cosmetic reasons and some for medical reasons, whatever the reason that doesn’t matter to me, what matters is I can provide you with the perfect result.


Depending on what it is you are looking for whether it’s a reduction, lift or enlargement our prices range from £3800 – £7000.


Preparing for breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is a popular procedure but of course like any type of surgery there are risks so it’s important you know about these risks however ways of avoiding some risks is by preparing for breast augmentation properly so first of all let’s take a look at the medical preparations that will need to be carried out.


  • You’ll need to get a blood test
  • Take certain medications
  • Adjust/stop taking certain medications
  • Stop smoking
  • Avoid taking aspirin & other anti inflammatories; they increase bleeding.

These are the main medical ways of how to prepare for breast augmentation surgery so let’s look at the more general preparations.

  • Have comfortable clothing
  • Wear a comfortable sports bra that shuts at the front
  • Ensure you have plenty of food and drink; nothing too fatty!
  • Don’t eat or drink 8 hours before the surgery
  • If needed arrange child care
  • Arrange getting home after the procedure

Even though some of these may seem obvious ways of preparing for breast augmentation you’d be surprised how many people let it slip their mind!


Your new chest is waiting for you

Now you know all the important ways of preparing for breast augmentation there is nothing to panic about, you can go into the surgery room with ease knowing that you’ve done everything you needed to and that the likelihood of certain risks affecting you have been decreased.
If you want Cheshires #1 plastic surgeon to give you the breasts you’ve always dreamt of and wanted then contact me today for more information on breast augmentation procedures in Cheshire.

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