Mr Akhtar Charity

Always Willing to Help

Dr Plastic Surgeon CharityMr Akhtar has many passions in life, of course one of the main one is cosmetic surgery but he also has another passion which is something he has dedicated a lot of time to and is very passionate about – his charity work.

  • Taken part in various charity mission around the world.
  • Visited Sierra Leone to help those in need.
  • Provided medical Aid in Pakistan following the 2005 Earthquake.
  • Assisted in delivering surgical help.
  • Contributing to ongoing medical research & teaching.

Going Above & Beyond

Dr Plastic Surgeon CharityMr Akhtar is always striving to go above and beyond not only when it comes to plastic surgery but also his charity work. Taking time out to help others in need and those who are less fortunate.

Using the skills and knowledge he has gained during his 14 years to educate and lend a helping hand when needed. His visit to Sierra leone allowed him to deliver surgical help to those who needed it most but up until his arrival may not of had the resources to do so. The same can be said for the time he spent in Pakistan following the earthquake in 2005, again concentrating on helping those people who had suffered as a result of this natural disaster and providing medical aid to those affected by the events. His passion to help these people is reflected in his on-going charity work, it really does show the caring qualities of Mr Akhtar which shines through in the procedures he carries out on a daily basis.