The Rise of the Mum Tuck: Increased Number of Tummy Tuck Enquiries in Manchester

The rise of the mum tuck: increased number of tummy tuck enquiries in Manchester

It’s an insecurity of many mums: the mum tum.

After 9 months of carrying your bundle of joy and watching your body change, then giving birth to your bundle of joy and watching your body change again, most are then left with a body that has been changed after 9 months, and it isn’t quite so easy to restore it.

Whilst we commend those who don’t let their post-baby bellies bother them, and embrace the changes to their bodies that having a child brings, we also understand those who need a helping hand in getting the confidence back that they had before they were pregnant.


The rise in demand for abdominoplasty surgery in Manchester

New research has detailed that inquiries into the operation on a nationwide basis have risen by 264 percent in the last 6 months alone; naturally, as one of the most reputable places to have a tummy tuck, we have also noticed an incline in calls.


Why would you need a tummy tuck after having a child?

Pregnancy alters the shape of a woman’s body, and whilst some are fortunate enough to have the brilliant genes needed to snap back into shape, many ladies are facing the problem of overstretched stomach muscles that simply won’t return to their former glory.

This is because the stomach muscle isn’t one muscle; it has a join in it at the front of the tummy, which grows further and further apart as your stomach expands during pregnancy.

With many women, even plenty of exercise can’t restore the muscle tightness and they are left with a sagging effect on the skin, which droops from the belly button downwards.

Not only does a tummy tuck in Manchester completely eliminate loose skin, but it also gets rid of stretchmarks that are often left behind once baby is born. You’ve earned your stripes by having your baby, but that doesn’t mean you need to physically keep them if you don’t want to.

The main reasons we see women looking for a tummy tuck are to:

  • Remove loose skin
  • Remove flaps of skin that overhang
  • Tighten skin on the stomach that has been stretched due to pregnancy

How does the tummy tuck work?

A Manchester plastic surgeon will perform surgery lasting around the 90 minute mark, if you go for abdominoplasty surgery in Manchester, you will be placed under general anaesthetic when you have your procedure carried out, meaning that you will completely unconscious for the whole surgery.

The surgeon makes an incision along the bikini line, from hip to hip in order to lift the skin and repair the abdominal stomach muscles that have been stretched.

Excess skin will be removed, with a new belly button being crafted after the skin is pulled tight.


How popular have tummy tucks been with mums?

In short – very.

We see a lot of patients who are looking to have a tummy tuck and work with them to ensure that they understand that a tummy tuck is a big surgical procedure.

However, many new techniques mean that the recovery time is a lot less than what it used to be; the mum tuck now means that you don’t lose the necessity of time that is so valued when you are a mum.

The reduced healing time is also bringing better results, and the confidence we see oozing out of our patients is the most rewarding part of performing the surgery.

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