The Triangle of Youth: the purpose of your Manchester FaceLift

The Triangle of Youth: the purpose of your Manchester FaceLift

When looking for a facelift in Manchester, the underpinning of the facelift will be based around achieving the triangle of youth once more.


What is the Triangle of Youth?

The Triangle of Youth is a very integral part to making someone look and feel young. No, it’s not some cult like congregation, nor a place to visit like you would Aphrodite’s rock, but it’s the turn of phrase that refers to a youthful face.

During a person’s youth, the cheekbones are high and well defined and the jaw is well defined yet soft. These are the features that the Triangle of Youth refers to, with the base of the triangle being at the cheeks and the point symbolising the chin.


Rhinoplasty surgery Manchester

A good compliment to a facelift, rhinoplasty will slim the nose down, making the face look more streamlined and youthful, in line with the triangle of youth.


What happens to the Triangle of youth?

· Soft tissue loss

When a person ages, they lose soft tissue volume due to the loss of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin.

· Bone reabsorption

Bones are reabsorbed in the mid to late forties, losing structure.

· Gravity

For all of her greatness, Mother Nature can also screw you over; gravity will knock on the door of age and work alongside natural changes in the human body that will assist in the sagging of the face.

A facelift in Manchester will reverse the affects of gravity.

· Skin thickness

The largest organ in the body, the skin, also succumbs to the process and the actual thickness of the skin decreases with age. Elasticity and hydration, all factors required to ensure the skin looks as young as possible, all start to wane and the skin becomes more lax.


Obvious ageing

The loss of the ‘Triangle of Youth’ is often one of the biggest giveaways of age in men and women of a certain age and can often change the shape of a person’s face completely.

As the ageing process kicks in, cheekbones flatten as bone and fat is lost, and jowls start to appear on the face. This makes the face more oblong in shape, an alteration from the shape of the face during younger years.

People may also be accused of constantly carrying a sad or melancholy look on their face due to lip edges that will start to droop. This is often referred to ‘The Pyramid of Age’, the complete inversion of the ‘Triangle of Youth’, where it flips over and the base becomes the chin and the point goes towards the nose.

In short, Mother Nature hits the human body with two processes that run concurrent with when a person ages, and these two processes combined create the loss of the highly desired ‘Triangle of Youth’.


Getting the triangle back…

We now live in an era where there are plastic surgery procedures available to restore this area of the face that can take people back to how they looked during their best years. Who says you have to grow old gracefully when you could grow old looking your very best?

Cosmetic doctors in one of the country’s most cosmopolitan hubs spend a lot of their time trying to create the youthful face that people so crave with procedure of a facelift, as well as other procedures such as Rhinoplasty which can be carried out in Manchester.

Whilst Rhinoplasty surgery in Manchester doesn’t necessarily fall under the stereotypical treatments for regaining the triangle of youth, it is a procedure that compliments facial changes that occur when a patient undergoes a facelift.

A good Manchester plastic surgeon will be able to get the triangle back with the most natural results.

Just because the body ages physically, doesn’t mean that the person does mentally, and by restoring the ‘Triangle of Youth’, the exterior of the man or woman who undergoes the enhancements can nicely reflect the interior.

However, it is important to point out that just because a person starts to resemble their youthful counterpart, bad fashion trends of the era of their youth should firmly be kept in the past. Some things are meant to age, and stay aged!

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