tendon repair in Rochdale

Time for tendon repair in Rochdale

Don’t let the pain go on when there is tendon repair in Rochdale

A tendon is part of your body and it is a flexible yet inelastic cord of strong fibrous collagen tissue attaching a muscle to a bone, when damaged they can be pretty painful but can be repaired, sometimes through surgery.

When getting a tendon repair this most commonly refers to the surgical repair of torn or damaged tendons. The most commonly affected areas of the body by tendon injuries are the shoulder, elbow, knee and ankle joints.

In our Rochdale clinic tendon repair is a procedure that we carry out.


What happens in tendon repair

If tendon repair is something that you may need due to a damaged tendon then there is no need to worry, for a professional like me this type of procedure is straightforward, I guarantee you are in safe hands when you are with me.

You don’t need to be worried about this surgery, but if you want to know what it includes so you can be prepared then here you go:

Firstly a one or more incisions will be made in the skin over the injured area of the damaged tendon, after this the torn ends of the tendon will be sewn together, joining them back up and repairing the initial torn tendon. Once this is complete the surrounding tissue will be checked to ensure that no other injuries have occurred such as nerves or blood vessels. After being checked over the incision will be closed and stitched back up and will then be covered with sterile bandages/dressings to ensure that there can be no infections. The final step after the procedure is that the joint will be immobilized or in a splint so that the tendon can heal fully.

All procedures for tendon repair are performed under anesthetic, so there will be no pain throughout the surgery as you will not be able to feel anything due to being numbed by the anesthetic.


It’s time to get repaired don’t you think

Tendon repair is something that will definitely help resolve your tendon issues and will take away the pain, so why carry on living in pain when there is something we can do for you. Simply contact us now with your tendon problems and we will be sure to give you the best tendon repair in Rochdale services.


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